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fall 2012

Welcome to Richard White Studio - Fine Art

Richard White is an artist and photographer in Coventry, CT
and has also taught Illustration, Drawing and Computer Graphics
At Gibbs, Sanford-Brown Colleges and Manchester Community College.

Follow the links from this page to view Richard's work and also order archival reproductions
as gifts or for your personal collection. Some unique original works may also be available.

See the contact page for ordering information on prints and pricing

Note: Images here may include tasteful artistic representations of nudity.
If you are underage or find such images objectionable, you may not wish to continue.

We hope you e
njoy your visit and please email us if you have any questions or problems.

All images on this site are © 2004-16 Richard White and
may not be used without the express permission of the artist.
Thank you for respecting this intellectual property

For information on the Coventry Sketch Group - go here



Painting Portfolios

Photo Portfolios

Drawing Portfolios

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